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Home Renovation with Elegant Use of Tiles

Kajaria Home

Tiles are one of the most underused elements of décor. The way tiles are used in various areas of the house can make it an integral part of architecture or design of a space.

Tiles are perfect options for internal and external use. Whether it is a patio or a terrace or living room or a bathroom, these tiles can add beauty, style, and amazing looks to a simple space. Make tiles the star of your home by using it judiciously. Here, we bring you a few ideas that can help you transform the look of any space.

Tile-As an Artistic Element

Kajaria Artistic Element

You can use Italian Marble Tile and use it as a decorative material. Installing these tiles on platforms or a shower wall in the bathroom will create a pretty nook that would come out nicely against other surfaces.

Italian marble tile is also an excellent choice when looking for suitable flooring material for patio or living room areas. Light falling on the tiles from overhead chandeliers light up the entire area make it look a page right from a design book.

Tile-For a Rustic Touch

Wooden iles

If you love the ancient but versatile rustic look in your home, look for wood finish tiles. These tiles have everything that can help make the area look vintage while helping you enjoy the amazing benefits of tiles. You can also install these You can use wood finish tiles on one of the walls and create a focal point in the living room.

Tiles- For a Classy Look

Granite Tiles

Although You can use granite tiles are usually used in kitchen and bathroom space, it can also be used to lend a classy look to any area where it is installed. Its distinct look and versatility have its own characteristic appeal. It requires minimum maintenance and are durable and strong. An interesting aesthetic can be created by using these tiles along with other textures to create masterpieces.

Using these stunning tiles, create an appealing ambiance in your home. Explore an amazing range of tiles at Kajaria Ceramics, India’s Number 1 Tile Company.