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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. When choosing tiles for Kitchen, you will come across a diverse range of tiles, perfectly suitable for different applications. When choosing these tiles, look for something that ensures high functionality and aesthetically pleasing space. Here, we bring you a comprehensive guide to choosing the right kitchen wall tiles.

Understand Tiles and Its Application
Tiles are highly resilient materials that are laid in neat rows over a variety of surfaces. When looking for suitable tiles for a kitchen, homeowners can choose different types of finishes like Stone, Wood, Matt, Rustic among other options. Glossy tiles have turned out to be one of the most preferred choices for kitchen walls and backsplash as they are easy to clean.

Set your budget
You need to understand that tile installation is usually a one-time investment and kitchen tiles can be expensive. It is very important to spend some time researching various options available, checking out its price and setting a budget aside for tile purchase and its installation. It is always better to be prepared to be surprised when looking for suitable tiles that match the envisioned look in your head. If you have no idea about tile costs, visit a reputed tile store and speak to the experts who can help estimate product cost as per your kitchen area where tiles have to be installed. Kitchen Tiles

Keep your Household lifestyle in Mind
Although kitchen tiles available in the market come with high resilience, it still requires a lot of maintenance to ensure its durability. Look for tiles that are resistant to high temperature, durable, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. A lot will depend on your household’s lifestyle. If you have young kids afoot, chances are there will be a lot of stains and splashes on kitchen walls, thus it would be prudent to choose tiles that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Even if the coefficient of friction for a wall tile is low, it is prudent to choose tiles that come with a slightly raised texture.

For a Perfect Backsplash
In a kitchen, backsplash area doesn’t take heavy traffic and as such painted and glossy tiles prove to be a good choice. The area has to withstand grease, hot oil splatters, stains, and more which requires regular cleaning. If you wish to add a decorative flair to your kitchen, choose materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass or stone materials. Kitchen Tiles

Keeping these factors in mind will help you choose the best kitchen wall tiles resulting in a kitchen that you have always dreamed of.