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How to choose right flooring tiles?

With an increasing range of tile designs, types, and finishes available in the market, choosing the right flooring tiles is nothing less than a daunting task. Tiles, basically a durable material that is laid over a surface in neat rows is one of the integral designing elements that add functional and aesthetic value to the home. Here, we bring you the questions to ask yourself which will help you make the right choices.

Questions to ask before choosing the right tiles
Deciding the right material, size, and cut that are the best for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom can be made easier by asking three questions.

1) Where do you wish to place the tiles?
This is the most crucial question as the answer to this helps you narrow down material and size choices. If you are planning to choose tiles for a backsplash, walls, floor or a counter, look for suitable materials that are just perfect for the chosen surface. For instance, ceramic, stone, and porcelain are perfect choices for floors and counters. Ceramic mosaic floor is perfect for shower areas as it provides perfect grip. These days, glass tiles have also come up as an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it is available in a variety of finishes and colours and can be easily recycled. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Always remember,tiles to be laid on floors have to be safe to walk on and must have extra strength and texture.

2) What is your budget?
Another question that you must ask yourself is the budget that you can keep aside for this project. Since there is an extensive range of tiles available in the market in varying cost range, it is better to set the budget. Don’t get carried away by looks, rather focus on the quality and durability of tiles you are investing in. For example, glass tiles look very beautiful, but it cannot handle wear and tear for a long time. Ceramic tiles are affordable, and the glazed options are easy to clean and maintain.

3) What is the expected footfall in the area where you are going to lay tiles?
Although there are no set standards for tile durability, a majority of tiles are classified on the basis of Porcelain Enamel Institute or PEI ratings. These ratings classify tiles on the basis of foot traffic. For instance, porcelain tiles are classified as a 4 or 5 proving to be the best option for heavy traffic areas.

Answers to these questions help choosing just the right tiles which keeps your home looking appealing and impressive while at the same time sustain a lot of wear and tear and highly durable.