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Tiles for Stairs

Aesthetic and Technical Tips to Choose Tiles for Stairs

Choosing suitable tiles for stairs is not as easy as it seems. It is a challenge to select tiling options that are right for this area. It is imperative to look for tiles that cover the stairs with durable and tough flooring option so that it fits aesthetically with the overall decor of the surrounding area. Here we bring you some tips that helps you make the right choice.

1. Abrasion Resistant

tiles for stairs The first tip that must be kept in mind when looking for suitable floor tiles is to look for options that have high load bearing capacity. It should be non-slip, durable, and highly resistant to water. If looking for suitable tiles for outdoor steps, ensure that it is frost resistant.

2. Choose Full-Body Tiles

tiles for stairs Since steps surface sustains a lot of foot movement, it may start showing signs of fading or wear and tear after some time. In some cases, its edges may get cracked or chipped giving an untidy and shabby look. This issue can be resolved by choosing full body tiles as it stays as it is even if the tiles gets chipped or cracked. Once suitable tiles are chosen for the stairs, get it deep-chamfered or easing its sharp edges which is also referred to as "bevel" to ensure the stairs are skid and slip-free.

3. Distinct Colours and Designs

These are available in distinctive colours and designs that adds aesthetic appeal to the area where it is installed.

4. Easy To Maintain

Always choose tiles that are very easy to clean and maintain tiles. Thus, a simple sweep of a dry or slightly wet cloth on the tiles must leave it sparkling clean. It will save a lot of time and effort that goes into keeping stairs looking nice and appealing.

When looking for an amazing range of tiles suitable for stairs, check out Terrazzo - Full Body Vitrified Tiles available in 2x4 feet size that perfectly suitable for these areas.

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