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Kitchen Countertops

Versatile, robust kitchen countertops for an everlasting bond

Vitronite Slabs Give a boost to your modern lifestyle with trendy and robust kitchen countertops fitted seamlessly in your kitchen. While there are many options available in the market, going ahead with a credible brand lends not just aesthetic components to the kitchen but a sense of guarantee and safety too.

Since the kitchen is where all the action takes place, every care should be taken to fit kitchen countertops that have features like:

  • -Scratch Resistant
  • -Fire Resistant
  • -Low Water Absorption
  • -Chemical Resistant
  • -UV Protection
  • -Easy to clean
  • -Highly Durable
  • -Available in a multitude of choices, be it color, patterns, or designs

Kajaria Vitronite Slabs - 80x240 cm

The biggest plus point of vitronite countertops is the full-bodied surface with 15mm thickness. Apart from all the features mentioned above, these stylish countertops fill with ease, be it a residential or commercial place, and can withstand acids, oils, chemicals, and other spillages without being damaged.

Gift your kitchen the sturdiness of the Vitronite kitchen countertops from Kajaria, India’s No.1 and high-end tile manufacturing company. Watch as your kitchen transforms into a well-appointed space with a sophisticated edge and a contemporary feel. A true chef’s delight as the countertops become your best friends and your most trusted accomplices. As you experiment and cook innumerable dishes with multiple ingredients, it is sure to stick by without giving away!

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