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Ultimate guide to make your bathroom appear bigger

Digital Vitrified Tiles Is it not fun to see all those incredibly spacious and luxurious bathrooms in the movies and TV shows? The ones with the custom design, and technological features, those make for an experience that most people can only ever dream of. Most of us wish probably for a bigger bathroom. Sure, one can argue that a small bathroom ‘can’ feel cosy and intimate. However, one can also argue that it can feel claustrophobic and depressing. But with some creativity, visual manipulation, colour change, and lighting, to transform your tiny bath, into a cosy retreat. Let us look at some of the ways that you can make your bathroom look bigger.

The first thing you need to ensure is that your bathroom gets ample natural light. The absence of it can only make your bathroom feel smaller and dingier. Dark bathrooms often do tend to feel smaller. The additional brightness that you gain from natural light, as well as the space it opens up, makes the bathroom feel bigger. If you are redecorating an existing bathroom tiles, this may feel a bit difficult to do. If you have a small window, look to potentially install a skylight to allow more natural light into the room. Digital Vitrified Tiles

Continuing with the theme of tiles, a tip to seriously consider installing tiles all the way up to the ceiling, as well as keeping the material same throughout the bathroom. In terms of installing tiles all the way up to the ceiling, it is beneficial in the sense that it eliminates the horizontal dividing lines from the walls, which will open up space, successfully creating an illusion that the ceiling is taller than it seems. For material, keeping a consistent material throughout the bathroom, such as keeping the same material in the showering space as in the rest of the bathroom, helps trick people. Using more material means people will start to view the bathroom as divided into different parts, which will make it easier for them, and you, to notice, the small size of the bathroom.

The next thing for you to do is to set up a clear glass in the shower. The more obstructions that exist in the bathroom, the smaller it will feel to you. Having shower curtains or patterned glass can create that unwanted obstruction, and prevent you from creating the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually it. Go with a clear glass in the shower to have a clear view in the entire room, and this should aid in successfully making your bathroom seem bigger. Digital Vitrified Tiles

Keep the storage spaces small. The thing that is most likely to take up space in your bathroom and make it feel more stuffy and claustrophobic is having large storage cabinets. Try to shift all your material outside the bathroom and keep the storage spaces small, and only keep things that you absolutely need every time you go into the washroom. In addition to this, also try to switch out smaller mirrors for large ones. Small mirrors, visually speaking, will only give you a small picture, helping perpetuate your view that your bathroom is as small as it actually is. Installing a large mirror will help you create the illusion that your bathroom is large, as you will be able to see more at each point in time. Try to go wall-to-wall for the best possible illusion.

We all do dream of a large bathroom, but financial realities may be a hindrance in achieving this dream. However, by using the above tricks, you can ensure that you get the maximum possible space in your bathroom, and help create the illusion of a bigger sized bathroom