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Top Reasons That Makes The Use of Big Tiles a Great Decision

Big tiles or Extra-large tiles provide a smoother and sleeker floor finish while mitigating the risks of having to maintain and clean endless grout lines. Larger tiles help your home or office look more spacious. Here, we draw your attention to some of the top reasons why using big tiles instead of expensive marble or granite in your home or office can prove to be a great decision.

Enjoy the feel of Italian Marble

Big TilesMany people are confused when it comes to choosing flooring options. They have to make a choice between marble or Italian marble or big tiles. With high-end big tiles available in the market that gives an eclectic blend of looks and shine of premium-quality marble with high durability, strength, and easy to maintain features of tiles, customers get to enjoy the best of the both worlds. Where you have to be very careful about maintaining and upkeep of marble floors, you have nothing to worry about when you install big tiles as it is stain & scratch proof and at the same time available at low cost.

Adds a Touch of Class to the home

Large TilesBig tiles like “The Ultima” from the house of Kajaria is available in Extra-large sizes such as 1200x2400 | 1200x1800 | 1200x1200 | 800x1600 | 290x1800 mm and imparts a classy look to space. Installing them in your home adds more value to your home with its vast expanse of shiny or matt surfaces.

Fewer Grout Lines to Clean and Maintain

Slab Tiles Another reason why installing big tiles is a great idea is a reduced amount of grout joints means fewer grout lines to take care of. In smaller format tiles, the number of grout lines is more and that creates an illusion of smaller space even when it is not. Many concept homes go for large tiles due to this reason.

Easier to Fit and Install

Extra Large Vitrified Tiles When installing big tiles, the measuring and cutting of tiles also reduce. It requires a level screed and is very quick and easy to install.

Greater Versatility

Slab Tiles Large tiles are highly versatile and create a seamless look. When installed, it gives a unique look of a feature wall creating an interesting focal point in the area. These tiles can be installed in any area of the home or office and it will continue giving an elegant and classy look to any space where it is installed.

All these reasons make choosing big tiles in homes or commercial spaces a great idea.

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