Matt Bathroom Floor Tiles

Kajaria presents the new extravagant range of tiles that come with astounding features. The innovative collection of matt finish tiles consists of a variety of spectacular designs which will surely provide a sense of wideness to the area with a dash of sophistication & style. As matt surfaces offer better grip and resistance, such matt finish tiles are the evident choice for flooring as well as wall tiling, especially in bathrooms. Unlike lustrous tiles, matt tiles are far better in hiding dirt, blotches, and stains of droplets. Therefore, they don’t involve repeated cleaning. Another feature of these tiles is, they are low on maintenance, thus, makes them the very obvious option to be used in the public bathrooms.

The matt finish tiles come in a non-glossy texture and slip resistant feature with a rustic feel to it. Apart from bathrooms, these durable tiles can be installed in other indoor and outdoor areas of the property.

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