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Kajaria is known for its exclusive range of ceramic tiles in India including many tremendous variants, anti-slip floor tiles being the most used and innovative ones. These floor tiles have been crafted to meet your need, style and most importantly the safety requirement. Our wide-ranging collection features various finishes that will allow you to add that extra zing to your space. The collection of Anti-slip tiles comes with a good quality and assured safety. With in-depth research and innovation, we’ve have created a product which is best used for bathrooms, kitchens, ramps, swimming pools etc.




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Anti-slip floor tiles

Anti-slip floor tiles are treated to retain friction high even when the floor is wet and lathered. This technique prevents any possibility of slipping. The tiles can be used both indoor and outdoor and are resistant to scratches and stains, and hence these features of tiles provide a sense of sturdiness to the design. The Anti-skid floor tiles are available in a huge range of colours. Check out the latest designer outdoor collection of anti-slip floor tiles by Kajaria ceramics for your Kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors.
Kajaria Ceramics’ is an amazingly crafted range of floor tiles which incorporates high-tech expertise with attractive designs. Each tile is made using the advanced technology to guarantee high quality. These tiles come in very striking colour and sizes to confirm you do not have to compromise with the theme of your space. Besides having spectacular designs, our tiles are also robust, durable and low on maintenance which makes them perfect for home, hotel & workspace installation.