Kajaria Vitronite - 1200x1800mm

Requires HighMaintenance Marble and other natural stone require high maintenance to retain their shine and sheen or they become yellow and dull over time. LowMaintenance Vitronite is easy to clean and maintain in comparison with other natural stones that require careful consideration. Shows Visible Cracks Marble is a natural stone made of metamorphic carbonate that has more pores and can be easily cracked. Crack Proof Unlike Marble, Vitronite is a matrix of sintered minerals to form an impenetrable surface that cannot be easily cracked. Highly Expensive Marble is inherently expensive and has high maintenance, upkeep, and transport cost. Value for money Due to its techno-rich process, Vitronite proves to be the best choice in the long run. Vitronite Marble vs surfaces Functional Hygienic and suitable for contact with food Waterproof Stainproof Microbial growth proof Heat resistant Impact resistant Scratchproof and abrasion-resistant Easy to clean and maintain Resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, and solvents Suitable for use indoor and outdoor Gauranteed flatness and stability over time UV-resistant