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st Large Dimensions with Diversity of the Marble Kajaria introduces Solitaire Plus - India's first Double Charge Mega Technical Slab in size of 800x1600mm which is a revolution in Polished Vitrified Double Charge Tiles product category. Emanating a breathtaking visual impact of a space, Solitaire Plus slabs are aesthetically pleasing and its grandeur and bold look demonstrate its utility and splendidness. Serving as an ideal solution to numerous applications, these Mega Technical Slabs are magnificently huge in size and reduces wastage while installation. Adding to its reliability, these slabs have close to almost 0% water absorption (<0.05%) which ensures the surface remains 100% moisture free, evading the growth of bacteria and fungus. Exhibiting a super sheen nano surface, the Solitaire Plus provides stain resistance and easymaintenance.The sturdyslabs are nearest to naturalstone and is also recommended forhigh traffic areas. 07