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Duratech Aesthetic and Functional Heavy Duty Outdoor Vitrified Tiles One of the most important conditions to create aesthetic and functional space is to choose materials suitable for the space. In particular, floors that are the mostly commonly used parts of the outdoor spaces are an important factor to ensure that the conditions in the space meet the needs. Kajaria Duratech - Heavy Duty Vitrified Tiles can be safely used in all internal and external spaces that are exposed to high load and pedestrian traffic. They are a flawless blend of elegance and durability. Maintaining all the vital parameters namely surface hardness (Moh), water absorption, breaking strength (Mor), Load Bearing Capacity etc., the application base of Duratech series is wider, and its every design is a true reflection of art. They are safely used on Floor area like pedestrian traffic areas, vehicular movement areas, terraces, Seatout areas, balcony, roof sunbathing areas, veranda, seaside, beach, swimming pools, sidewalk, airport, metros, train stations, industrial buildings, parking lots, underpasses, villa gardens, educational buildings etc. 400x400 MM