Ceramic Wall Tiles, South India

SPECIFICATIONS WALL TILES Comparison of Kajaria Tiles Parameters to Indian Standards IS:15622:2017 Surface Flatness (Warpage) Max ± 0.3% Max ± 0.3% IS:13630 (Part-1) Rectangularity (Squareness) Max 0.2% Max ±0.2% IS:13630 (Part-1) Scratch Hardness of Surface (Mohs) Min. 3 Min. 3 IS:13630 (Part-13) Deviation in Length & Width Max ± 0.2% Max ± 0.2% IS:13630 (Part-1) Method of Testing Characteristics Max ± 5.0% Max ± 5.0% IS:13630 (Part-1) Deviation in Thickness Water Absorption ≥ 10% IS:13630 (Part-2) ≥ 10% Resistant to all acids and alkalies (except HF and its compounds) Chemical Resistance Required, if agreed IS:13630 (Part-8) Min. 10 cycles Min. 10 cycles Thermal Shock Resistance IS:13630 (Part-5) Min. 4 cycles @ 7.5 bar Min. 4 cycles @ 7.5 bar Crazing Resistance IS:13630 (Part-9) Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 Tile Thickness ≥ 7.5 mm Tile Thickness < 7.5 mm 12 N/mm2 15 N/mm2 IS:13630 (Part-6) Class II, min PEI Group II Resistance to Surface Abrasion (of tiles intended for use on floors) IS:13630 (Part-11) IS:15622:2017 Our Value 12 N/mm2 15 N/mm2 • Colours in the catalogue are as accurate as printing process allows. please check actual tile sample before making the nal selections. • Sizes mentioned in the catalogue are nominal sizes only. • No claim will be entertained once the tiles are xed. • For better laying, please follow the instructions on the packaging box. • Please make sure to check the shade/nish with the sales agent/ dealer before making the nal purchase because there might be variation in actual nish that shown in the catalogue. The company will not bear any loss in such case. 165 7.8-8.0 06 0.81 11 300x450 (Rectified) Pieces/Box (nos.) Coverage/Box (sq.mtrs.) Weight/Box (kgs.) Dimensions (in mm) Thickness (in mm) Work Size 8.8-9.0 05 0.90 13.90 300x600 (Rectified) 7.8-8.0 10 0.90 12.10 300x300 (Rectified) 250x375 (Rectified) 6.3-6.5 08 0.75 8.20