Ceramic Wall Tiles, South India

PREMIUM ADHESIVES, GROUTS & TILE CLEANER Pack Size: 1 kgs. / 5 Kgs. 1 year in dry unopened condition. Shelf Life: Available in range of colours KE-100 100 % SOLID EPOXY GROUT Kajaria KE-100 is a Stain free Epoxy grout for floors & Walls. It is a color fast, water & chemical resistant & 100 % solid epoxy grout suitable for Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, marbles and stones, especially in stain prone areas such as kitchens and washrooms (residential & commercial installations). Available in 20 colours. Suitable for joints between 2-12mm. Available in 1Kg & 5Kg Pack. Pack Size: 1 kgs. 1 year in dry unopened bags. Shelf Life: Plain Elite Plain Premium Unsanded Grout SUPERIOR QUALITY GROUT FOR CLEAN JOINTS Kajaria Unsanded Grout is a superior quality grout. It consist of a carefully prepared blend of white cement, chemical additives and fillers. It is easy to install just mix with water/Grout Admix and use. For best results, use with Kajaria Premium Grout Admix KGA-01. It is ideal for both floors and walls applications. Available in 20 colours. Suitable for joints between 1-3mm. TC1 Tile Cleaner ANTI GERMS & ANTI STAIN Kajaria Tile Cleaner TC1 is a fast acting acid based cleaner for regular cleaning of dirt and stains on tile surface, designed for daily maintenance of tiles. Pack Size: 1 year Shelf Life: 750 ml Carton of 14 Bottles 10500 ml 1 Litre Carton of 10 bottles 10000 ml 162 Pack Size: 20 kgs. 1 year in dry unopened bags. Shelf Life: 4-5 Sq. mtr. / 20 Kg. Bag at 3 mm thickness Coverage (in sq. mtr.) Color Grey EX-5 HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM TILE ADHESIVE FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR WALL & FLOOR TILES EX-5 is a high strength adhesive. EX-5 is specially designed for heavy duty tile application. it has superior strength & ideal for all kind of tiles & Stones. It is also suitable for interior & exterior wall cladding tiles. IS : 15477 CM/L 9566705 Not recommended for height above 30 ft. and tile size bigger than 45x90 cm