Gres Tough Planks - 195x1200 mm

Gres Tough Planks are tiles with matching natural wood textures & gives exact look of wooden flooring. They offer several advantages over actual wooden planks : COMPARISON Water Resistant Termite Resistant Long Lasting Environment Friendly Noise-Free While Moving Very Easy to Lay Stain Resistant Non-Resistant to Water Wood is Prone to Termites Shorter Life Not Eco-Friendly Wooden Flooring Makes Noise While Moving Complicated Laying Procedure Prone to Stains GRESTOUGH PLANKS ACTUAL WOODEN PLANKS WOOD LOOK TILES A SAFE CHOICE HI-DEFINITION DIGITAL CERAMIC FLOOR TILES 195x1200mm ADVANTAGES Easy cleaning and suitable for heavy traff ic areas Extremely durable Highly resistant to abrasion, staining and chemicals Protect water seepage Anti skid Random designs inspired from real wood 100% matching with real wood ECOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES Waste/ Used Ceramic Tiles can be 100% recycled and reused. No Trees/ Wood are used in ceramic tile manufacturing. Substitute of natural wooden flooring which are made from wood/ Trees.