Ceramic Floor Tiles Catalogue, South & West India

10 mm 300x300mm Cool Roof Tiles (Ceramic body) Cool roofs are roofs that stay cooler in the sun by minimizing solar absorption and maximizing thermal emittance. Substituting a non-cool (ordinary) roof by cool roof decreases electricity consumption for cooling, cooling power demand and cooling equipment capacity requirements. Cool roofs can also lower citywide ambient air temperature in summers, slowing ozone formation and increasing human comfort. The parameters of a roof’s surface can have a large influence on the surface temperature of the roof. The heat absorption could vary between 20-90 % of incident solar radiation mainly due to influence of surface parameters on heat retention. The main parameters which highly influence roof surface temperatures are solar absorbance, infrared emittance and convection coefficient. Roofs that have high solar reflectance (high ability to reflect sunlight) and high thermal emittance (high ability to radiate heat) tend to stay cool in the sun. The colour of roofs can significantly influence the temperatures they reach. White can be effective in minimizing heat transfer into buildings as it is a poor absorber of energy and a good emitter. The general idea of whitewashing structures to reject heats has been known toman since antiquity. Cool roof tiles developed by Kajaria can be laid on normal roofs to vastly improve their SRI value. Kajaria cool roof tiles are produced in 300x300mm size and thickness of 10.00 mm. They are glazed with super white glaze because white colour ensures minimum heat transfer into buildings as it is a poor absorber of energy (it has high solar reflectance) and a good emitter of infrared heat waves. The Kajaria cool roof tiles are produced with high porosity in order to have good insulation properties as well which further improves their ability to restrict heat transfer to the building, through their thickness.