Autumn Collection, North & East India

AUSTIN BIANCA AUSTIN GRIS HIGHLIGHTER * AUSTIN GRIS CHICAGO GREY 30x30 cm M G G GR R R R R M G G AUSTIN MARBLE AUSTIN MARBLE HIGHLIGHTER * AUSTIN MARBLE 30x30 cm DIGITAL HIGHLIGHTER * GLOSSY G REACTIVE RC MATT M RANDOM R 54 30x45cm DIGITAL CERAMIC WALL TILES WITH MATCHING FLOORS 30x45cm dimension presents a modern style to create urban elegance to your space. Adding to its versatility in design and texture, it comes in gloss, reactive and matt nish which gives it a heightened visual interest with a tactile appeal. Serving as an ideal complement to contemporary design and visually appealing decor, it will create a breathtaking impression and makes sure to set you ahead of the curve.