Gres Tough - 60x120 cm

SPL. EFFECTS HD DIGITAL CERAMIC FLOOR TILES GLOSS-MATT To satisfy both the looks that one desires in the flooring tiles that are shiny, glossy streaks with matt finish. This dual effect gives the ultimate pleasure of having real marble look tiles. When seen from an angle some areas with ink appear shinier than the others. CARVING Inspired by natural marbles this silky satin finish gives a smooth, stylish and modern feel to the tile surface. Easy to clean and maintain these tiles have a stunning crack effect which gives the look and feel of authentic marble. This crack effect gives crevices and grains across the surface of the tiles. Feel the effect by hand and witness the advance creation. SUGAR Mystic, Crystal clear flooring that doesn’t allow to look into the mirror again. This is a form of tile that has been polished but not deep enough to attain the luster of a full reflective polish. Glows your space with the great intensity of spreading lights all over the floors. Our unique finishes gives a natural marble-like look to the tile. A special imported ink is applied on the tile’s surface for these special effects. Unique imported glaze reacts with ink it gives the more to have feel.