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What's your choice for flooring-Tiles or Marble?

Choosing the right material for your floor

One of the crucial components of your house is the floor. The floor is what bears the entire weight of the household and hence needs to be strong and sturdy, made from the finest material available. The aesthetic value of the overall home also needs to be intact to maintain the ambience of the place too. Two of the commonest used flooring materials today are - the age-old marble and the newest block in town, the vitrified tiles.

Marble is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock containing carbonate minerals like calcite, dolomite or limestone.

Vitrified tiles on the other hand are made by using the method of hydraulic pressing where a mixture of materials like clay, silicon dioxide or silica, tectosilicate minerals found in great abundance in the Earth’s crust, the Feldspar and the Quartz.

Read through the pros and cons of each type and then choose the best.