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5 Trends You Need To Know About the Wall Tiles

Home décor is a concept that has evolved from the wall paintings in the caves to the abstractly engraved wall art in a duplex on the top floor of a skyscraper. The evolution has truly taken a revolutionary mode stepping into the 21st century. The modern art, the modern technology and the effervescence of variant ideas are transforming the houses not into homes but into persons. The personality imbibition theory of interior designing is the real reason for this new notion. Home is no longer the place to return after the daybreak but a place that reflects the lifestyle and inclinations of the family residing in it. The latest home décor trend is focusing more on individuality and personal preferences than on a generalized fashion sense. This is why we are seeing a massive upheaval in the tiling patterns throughout various living spaces.

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What do require knowing about the trending tiles?
So do you have your own vision? If not, then just opt for the trending tiles of this season to revamp your home or office interiors, if you are planning to make some changes. Using the trend will keep you in the fashion loop of home décor for the next few years for sure before you get another renovation done. When it comes to tiling your living space, you must always plan the thing properly and fashionably because a miss match could totally turn things south. Your bedroom must look different from your drawing room and your kitchen must look different from your bathroom. And one more thing all the wall tiling must complement the flooring or else the whole aesthetic quotient of your home will just disappear. tiles

The top 5 trends of wall tiles
Well if you are going for the classic look or wanting to stage an avant-garde look, the following trending wall tiles will surely give you enough possibilities to realize your home décor vision.

1) Marble styled tiles are always trendy. These will equip the rooms with the look and feel of real marble at lower rates. The minimalist fashion and elegance find its best expression through this wall tiles design.

2) Wood styled tiles are now in fad because everyone is down with the cabin fever. The wooden texture and matt finish offers a regal yet earthy ambience to the room.

3) Cement styled tiles are the most modern type of wall tiles. The contemporary designs and the shades of grey bring out the cityscape vibe in your homes, if you are into the high decibel lifestyle.

4) Natural styled tiles are the best ostentatious wall tiling option for your bathroom and kitchen. The variant patterns and mixed designs give these utility spaces enough courage to blend seamlessly with the high decors of the main house.

5) Smooth styled tiles will bestow the most aristocratic decoration to your home. The plain and symmetric nature of these tiles actually brings forth a great style in contrast to your living decorum.